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Murdoch tells Australia where it's at
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Monday, 3 November 2008
On Sunday, 2 November, Rupert Murdoch told Australia its place in the world. This could be the straightest shooting we've ever had in this country and I would urge everyone, whether Right or Left, to listen to ABC radio or get a recording from ABC television and watch this. I say this based on a sample of one - the first of the six annual Boyer lectures.

One of the most critical issues he took up was the fact that while we need a highly educated population to compete in the coming world, we exclude so many children from the opportunity of a great education. This is because we simply don't address the needs of a big section of our child population. He didn't say in detail what he meant but it has been obvious to many of us for a long time that the learning styles of children are the key to involving them in education. And a large section of our population has a kinesthetic learning style. In other words, you connect with them through activity, actions, games, movement - things that the desk-bound child is deprived of.

The theory of 'learning styles education' has been developed over many years as Accelerated Learning - by Colin Rose in the UK and Howard Gardner at Harvard. A system was instigated in NSW schools based on the work of Eric P Jensen. It was working so brilliantly and the kids were enjoying it so much that it was lampooned as an obvious waste of taxpayers' money by a popular TV show and immediately cancelled by an incoming government - guess who.

It still remains the best way to get kids excited about learning just as it does managers. Leaderskill Group, one of the initiators in Australia of Accelerated Learning in Training and Development has used it since 1978. Many are those who would bear testimony to its effectiveness.

To quote Murdoch: we must get ALL our kids involved - because we need their genius, their capability in creating the future.

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