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Are cigarettes warming the climate?
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Sunday, 5 October 2008
Well, at first sight it would seem a bit silly to suggest that cigarettes can warm the climate - as fatuous as the Exxon TV commercial that says that CO2 is just 'life' - with a picture of a pretty young girl, in a natural setting, exhaling! Both propositions are stupid and assume that people have very limited knowledge, but Exxon, keen to educate us, generously put a lot of money into theirs (we won't be promoting ours)!

However, it happens that there is a strong connection between the tobacco industry's 'confusion ads' (one of them used to be: 'More doctors smoke Camels'), and the campaigns of the global warming sceptics. In fact, the very same people are often behind them! And they are worth their weight in gold when it comes to confusing us about global warming and stopping us from taking effective action. So, in effect, cigarettes are warming the climate!

To put you in the picture, you might like to watch a short video. Try this:

[or click on the Title above]
We continue to think about sustainability, and that certainly means health - whether impacted by tobacco (it still sells very well, you know, in the Third World where they don't have those nasty regulations), or climate change and pollution.

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