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Wednesday, 6 August 2008
Every now and again I write down the kind words I hear from one of our clients and it rouses my enthusiasm all over again for our way of getting managers and teams to work together, drop the barriers and improve all round.

It really is so much more powerful than measuring managers and hanging numbers on them. Not satisfied with saying "We love your material", this MBA Course Instructor, who has some ten years of experience with 360 Facilitated®, continued with "What you do is phenomenal".

Well it's a fact, the managers get so much practical information from their profile (based on Peter Farey's holistic Leader/Manager Model) without feeling they're under attack or being judged unfairly. They come out of the bunker and the dialogue begins (or in many cases, rises to new heights).

One of the things we have learned over the 15 years of running this process (originally "Upward Feedback®") is that one positive is worth two negatives - at least! And this has been something that heartens hard-pushed managers and raises team morale. And when morale rises, problems fall away, leaving clearly identified issues that must be problem solved together.

A prospective customer asked me recently "But does this lead to improved work procedures?" You can bet it does! It taps into a wealth of information and brain power that is just raring to go. "Please listen to us" is what teams often say (when asked!) and "Give us a chance". Well, in the team process that we use, managers listen and teams work with them in any way that's necessary to get the best outcomes.

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