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Open Forum on Sustainability
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Wednesday, 23 July 2008
The Society for Sustainable Business (SSB) was started as a way of bringing together multi-disciplinary professionals, academics and people in business and government who wanted to exchange ideas, learn more, and provide leadership towards achieving a sustainable and socially viable society.

SSB is a vehicle for multi-disciplinary professionals and their organisations to network, support one another, build partnerships, and to dialogue on the technical, social and practical aspects of sustainability.

Major goals include the creation of a network of qualified change agents who will give presentations, forums and workshops to senior business leaders, as well as provide presentations, education and workshops to business.

One of the initiatives has been to start a blog on Open Forum, titled 'Sustainability Insights'. This has begun by taking up the issue of how we are to reconcile diverse interests and plan from a high enough level to ensure that the steps we take towards sustainability really do address the concerns of the global environment, and not just those that are local, regional or factional.

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