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Solar electricity cheaper than coal - now!
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Sunday, 8 June 2008
Nanosolar is printing off its PowerSheets to capture solar energy at a price of US 30 cents per watt (coal is $1 per watt, current PV sheets cost $3 per watt). This is an extraordinary breakthrough in the movement towards sustainability.

Nanosolar received finance in the form of venture capital from Google and others in 2002, they've won several prizes (Top Innovation of the Year in 2007, Green Tech Grand Award, US Dept of Energy $20 million) and are already in production in California and Germany, running the printing presses just as fast they will go, while expanding their production.

Check out the Popular Science website for the awards.

And take a look at Nanosolar.

Thanks to Natural News for this info - though it took some work to find the sources, and to verify the details.


posted by Dr Ron @ 09:15  
  • At 9 June 2008 at 17:59, Anonymous Conductor Shepherd said…

    I am intrigued by the massive hype for this product and for claims, this year, that they have ramped up high-performing solar panel production to commercial levels. They seem to have fled the consumer by selling almost all of their product for the next two years to local european (German) private utility consortia, which makes economic sense, although it now moves the company from being the spearhead vehicle of a massive populist revolution among energy users in the United States and Canada to being a low-cost supplier of utility scale panels to the medium scale private utiltiy business. I guess the more panels they produce, the happier we should be. Two things would make me even happier: 1)public share offerings in Nanosolar and 2) independent, rigorous testing of the solar cells coming off of the high speed production line.

  • At 9 June 2008 at 18:35, Blogger Dr Ron said…

    Thanks for your background on this. I'm not an expert but it does seem like a major step that will help us all - perhaps not as fast as we would like.

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