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Introducing the Leader/Manager: 1. The Assumptions
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Tuesday, 27 May 2008
After decades of experience in the airline industry and making use of all the available research, Peter Farey formulated his Leader/Manager Model. Upward Feedback® (now called 360 Facilitated®) was the tool he developed to make use of it.

360 Facilitated® rests on these basic assumptions:

  • Success in managing a team often stems less from improvement in the manager's skills, knowledge or qualifications than it does from what s/he chooses to treat as important. It is about the priority given to various activities. Listening to people or agreeing objectives with them for example are often taught as skills, but what really matters is whether the skills are used!

  • The best people to give feedback on someone's approach as a manager must be those being managed (feedback from peers may be confusing initially, though it can be important at a later stage). We therefore provide a way for managers to obtain upward feedback on the approach they use

  • While the specific competencies necessary for managerial success vary greatly with the situation, there is a general consensus on the areas that make up Leader/Manager behaviour, and it is on these that we ask for feedback

  • In practice, it turns out that many of the issues raised by team members in their feedback actually belong to the teams themselves. Teams readily take on the resulting opportunities for improvement and empowerment

  • Some issues are beyond the authority of either team or manager to resolve, and as such must be passed to senior management and considered in the light of organisational strategies, policies and procedures.
Does that sound new? For a lot of organisations is still is. They rush to train without thinking of the outcome they want; they devise competencies and are sure that they have reinvented the true wheel; they lean on managers and don't allow their teams to contribute; they never find out where the problems are because they have no process to make that happen ... And they just love to put those numbers on the managers, then everything is under control!
(Excerpted from The Leader/Manager Guide © Peter R. Farey. To be continued).

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