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Sunday, 18 November 2007
The IPCC's latest report is warning us that "the impact of global warming could be 'abrupt or irreversible' and no country would be spared". They also agreed that human causation is "90% likely". In other words, we're doing it and we had better stop fast. Apply that to carbon emissions (we used to call it pollution) and it's not hard to imagine a situation similar to the way some cities deal with smog - odd cars on Mon, Weds, Fri, even cars on Tues, Thurs, Sat - this is just to let people keep breathing. We will have to do something drastic to help those more at risk to stay alive - and that could be us.

The combination of human will plus human inventiveness can bring change fast - but only if we have politicians who can a see a little beyond their own noses (or re-election). We haven't had a lot of that in the past. We also have the power of business which will find ways to make profits out of the transformation, but need that political push to get them out of their purely competitive mode into a more collaborative mode. They may want to try their hand at Sustainability Planning - Mega Planning. For once, this is a real case of "an opportunity not to be missed". If you do miss it, you may be out of business. If you take it, you will find your way into the future.

Let's see where we go next.

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