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Knowledge that's critical
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Tuesday, 31 July 2007
Any organisation has some knowledge that is critical - meaning knowledge that if it isn't known by those who are supposed to know it, then consequences follow. For example, a sales team that doesn't know all your products well will very likely... yes, that's right, sell the ones it knows! When workers don't know the machinery they are using, you may get accidents and errors. Managers who don't know the rules can land you in court!

All of these things, and many more, cost time, money and sometimes human life. What about the Brazilian pilot who left one lever not set and killed 200 people? And what about the manufacturer who allowed that as a possible error - it happened twice before in Brazil, without injury.

We are at all times, in everything we do, exposed to the degree and accuracy of the knowledge of others - and ourselves. Why leave it to chance? We know that the learning from training programs fades away rapidly - often falling to 10% in a few months! But you can keep knowledge alive and up to date. Simple checking staff's critical knowledge via repeated questionnaires will tell you who knows what, and give you the chance to correct the errors before someone does something that everyone will regret. To see an Internet system that does that in the simplest possible way, check this link:

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