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Bank goes for green
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Monday, 30 July 2007
It's a real pleasure to see another initiative of the National Australia Bank in the area of sustainability (for previous see: Bank helps Make Poverty History). The nab says:

"NAB has purchased its first round of 'GreenPower' from Origin Energy as part of its commitment to being carbon neutral by 2010.

"The purchase will actively reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by about 5,500 tonnes, or the equivalent to taking more than 1,375 cars off the road, over the next 12 months. Annual purchases will take NAB to its 10 per cent green energy target by 2010."

GreenPower is a government-accredited program certifying renewable electricity products (including wind and solar generation).

National Australia Bank Group is committed to becoming carbon neutral. The NAB Australian businesses produce more than 90 per cent of the greenhouse gas footprint globally.

In Australia, initiatives include:

"Undertaking energy efficiency assessments and reducing energy use in our offices, 790 branches and 158 business banking centres, while also purchasing GreenPower for a portion of our power requirements.

"Delivering behavioural change to reduce the amount of energy NAB uses Australia-wide. NAB has set an internal target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.
Purchasing hybrid vehicles for use in the NAB fleet.

"Offsetting CO2 emissions produced by vehicles and air travel by purchasing accredited carbon offsets."

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