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Pitfalls in 360 degree feedback: No. 8
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Wednesday, 9 May 2007
Amazing as it may sound to those who haven't seen it, some organisations send back the 360 profiles to the managers about the same way they might deliver a pay slip or a memo (remember them?) i.e. just drop it on their desks. There it is, read it, make sense of it and get on with the job (better).

Consider the level of fantasy reached by the recipients as they try to imagine why they were rated higher on this and lower on that! Couple this with trying to figure out what their staff wanted them to do as a result, and then add in the hurt some managers feel when 'criticised' in this way - and sometimes that's beyond a joke, managers can leave after that kind of treatment. And then some rather thick skinned managers who laugh and toss the profile in the 'round file' - they don't change, they see no opportunity for change, they may even congratulate themselves on the result!

As to the company, they saved money by doing it on the cheap! Pitfall No. 8:

Not giving the time and care needed to debrief the manager - big waste of time, money and opportunity, with potential for significant loss of morale and good staff.

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