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Pitfalls in 360 degree feedback: No. 6
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Friday, 4 May 2007
Have you ever seen the face of a manager whose 360 profile has been pinned up on the notice board? Not pretty. The same if the profile has been passed around. The aim of any 360 feedback is to help, not hurt, managers. Confidentiality is critical. The profile should belong to the manager, not to anyone else. They should be helped to learn from it without being forced to disclose it. The consultant or facilitator who is privileged to view the profile must keep it to themself - even if it's a good one. Why? Because if you praise some managers' profiles, people can make assumptions about the ones you don't discuss.

Always true? Not quite. In mature, safe environments managers may show their profiles around and discuss them. Just don't assume this! Pitfall no. 6:

Not maintaining confidentiality of the profile. This can be demoralising to many managers - and morale is a major asset to your organisation!

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