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Pitfalls in 360 degree feedback: No. 15
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Wednesday, 23 May 2007
This is not just a 360 feedback problem, it's almost a part of human nature. We tend to focus on problems and think "if it's going well, I don't have to pay any attention". In other words, we act too much from De Bono's Black Hat (critical) position, forgetting the other five hats. What would benefit us all is more Yellow Hat (positive) thinking.

Unfortunately, when you focus on problems, you get more of them. We all know that when you brainstorm the problems your mole hills grow into mountains and they simply never get cleared. At best we prioritise them and deal with the worst ones.

There is another way, it is to start with what's going well, where the buzz is, what really works... This is the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach. In doing that, we boost morale, problems begin to solve themselves (it's true!), people feel appreciated, recognised, 'empowered' and ready to be involved. This is the approach taken by Martin Seligman with Positive Psychology. Pitfall No. 15:

Not appreciating the effort people, make but focusing instead on the problems - may fix some problems but won't bring out all of the potential.

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