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Friday, 25 May 2007
People regularly put down committees. The problem is not the committee but the way it runs. If you know how to run a team (or any meeting) so as to keep it high energy, everyone involved, getting heard, enthusiastic, contributing ideas and productive, then read no further - except to be sure and check that the group shares your opinion! And you'd better do that with anonymous feedback, they may not tell you to your face. If you really can operate this way then you have a high performing team and you will overcome the problems raised in the previous posting - in other words:
  • you can work far beyond the 'routine', taking up any kind of issue
  • you will have people freely contributing their time and energy to the shared goals
  • you will still have a final say in decisions - if you're the manager.
In addition, you will come up with very creative ideas.

So 'crowd work' can overcome its limitations - at least for small groups. Leaderskill's facilitation techniques prove this daily. But also for very large groups. Look at the work done by Appreciative Inquiry (AI) where thousands have worked together to transform their organisations - ranging from the BBC to the US Navy, not to mention the ANZ Bank in Australia.

No, we don't yet accept any limitations to Open Source. The sky's the limit - if you know how to do it.

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