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Pitfalls in 360 degree feedback: No. 3
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Monday, 30 April 2007
360 feedback carries a risk, it's scary. People don't like being judged, least of all by those they are supposed to be managing. If you start a 360 program at some mid or low level in the organisation, managers say (and rightly) "Why doesn't the boss do it? I'd like to tell him/her a thing or two".

Not starting at the top does not demonstrate leadership by the executives, but rather arrogance or fear. In addition, if you later try to run the program further up the ladder, what you get is "Oh, it's for them not us."

If you can't start at the top, at least start as high as you can, with the head of an autonomous division. Pitfall no. 3:

Not starting at the top, hence not demonstrating leadership and commitment to the program (and its continuation).

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