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Sunday, 22 April 2007
Peter Farey, doyen of upward feedback since 1974, in 1993 launched the first and it seems still the only holistic model of manager-team feedback:

The Leader/Manager Model

Each of the Leader/Manager questionnaires asks for feedback on a full range of behaviours in the areas of Leadership and Management, both People and Task. The questionnaires give as much importance to leadership as to management, and promote a language common to all. Any issue that a team or manager may want to discuss can emerge with this framework. For each item, it asks them what they require more or less of in order to be more successful. Anonymity ensures honesty and accuracy. The result is a profile of the team's perceptions of needs for improvement.

The questionnaire does not ask for judgments about the manager but asks only for feedback on team members' needs. The process is therefore non-threatening, avoids creating resistance, and leads directly to mutual problem solving.


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