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Friday, 23 March 2007
When facilitating a team that contains divisions of any kind, you can expect that more time will be required. This can happen in 360 feedback or other team building programs. The divisions could be:

  • People coming from different areas of the organisation, or from a merger of organisations

  • People from different ethnic groups

  • People of widely differing ages

In a 360 program with the manager out of the room, the process becomes one of overcoming barriers in the team before they can present an agreed response to the manager.

Here are some points to emphasise:

  • Make it very clear we intend to appreciate the work of everyone in the team and take up topics that concern everyone – as well as the manager

  • We will not do any problem solving until the manager returns to the room – the order to take up will be:
    - Appreciation of what’s going well
    - Ways to take it further
    - Problem solving any difficulties

  • In reviewing the maps, look for the Central Issues

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